Natural Gas has offered numerous opportunities for traders and investors alike this year. This past Friday we (at Time Price Analysis) recommended shares of DGAZ to our subscribers at $21.28, and now have a break even stop with no risk in the trade. For futures traders, NG setup the perfect entry as well.

From a birds eye view, Natural Gas (NG) is completing a (2), with an ideal price target into December of this year of $2.26 - $2.16, after which we will be looking for a rather large rally to the $6.70 region over the following one to two years – see monthly chart. This offers long term investors an opportunity for enormous returns during the same period we are advising subscribers to go to cash in equities.

In the near term, NG has setup a traditional Elliott Wave i ii 1 2 to the downside to complete the final move lower to 2.26, or an additional 21% drop from current levels.

Don’t miss the opportunities that NG is offering both in the near term and the longer term setup that will occur later in 2018. Once the downside completes, we’ll be looking for opportunities to use shares of UGAZ to take full advantage of the substantial upside.

Check out our Pre-Open video on NG and other instruments here.

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