Learn Online Trading

Anyone can trade, but before you start, you need to understand some basics. The world of trade is huge and will certainly meet your expectations. Whether you are a short or long term investor, you can use the ideas and forecasts of the stock market, whether it is an index, a commodity or a stock.

First of all, be aware that many factors affect the stock market, so be very careful before investing. One of the great advantages of CFD trading is that by using leverage, you can invest a small amount of money and make big profits. However, you can also lose money faster.

Where to start ?

We recommend that you open a demo account first to start trading, without worrying about the increased capital risk. Let’s take the example of Libertex, it offers you a 50,000 Euro demo mode to make transactions in order to familiarize yourself with the trading platform. You will be able to immediately start trading more than 4,000 products in stock.

Get informed before trading

Before placing the product, the exchange must be notified. Feel free to visit the stock exchange forum and discuss your future transactions with friends. Don’t think that you will win, and you will certainly win the transaction, but you will also lose money, it’s perfectly normal. The goal is to make a long-term profit, remember that.

You can also go to bookstores to buy books written by talented investors. You’ll never know the situation too well and it can also give you ideas.

Before You Start

It is not necessary to trade all commodities – some traders are good at trading indices, but are bad at trading commodities. You can be very good on the Cac 40 (French stock market index), while on Dax (German stock market index) you are not good at trading.

You can choose yourself, prepare everything and play a moment in demo mode to try it out without risk.

Ready to Start Trading ?

Did you learn anything from the mistakes of the demo mode? Did you make a successful transaction, save money and find it all exciting? Welcome to the world of trading!