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Our opinion on IQ Option

It is impossible to talk about IQ Option without mentioning its steady growth in the minds of global investors. However, since its creation in 2014, it is still a fairly young trading platform. But that doesn't stop it from rapidly gaining popularity. This success is based on easily identifiable elements.

Since the advent of financial technology, many online brokers offer online trading services. Financial technology is a digital technology used in financing. It makes it easier for non-professionals to take advantage of financial markets. The quality of services provided is the same as that of existing online trading platforms. What can we say about the IQ Option? Is it a reliable and efficient broker? What investments can traders make? What are the fees? In this review, we present a complete and objective review of the IQ Option.

IQ Option: What did our experts say? 

Opinions on IQ Option are consistent in many European countries where online brokers have taken the lead: Germany, Austria, most Scandinavian countries. After the expansion of the Eurozone, other countries have started to seduce each other with attractive offers: currencies, stocks, crypto-currencies, commodities, etc. IQ Option has sent a strong signal of reliability, thanks to the certificate from the CySEC authority in Cyprus, which controls the Cypriot market, and the participation of more local government agencies, such as the AMF in France. Or the FCA in the UK.

IQ Option‘s strategy is based on a very competitive pricing policy, high quality technical tools and above all a strategy favouring personalized support.

Now, let’s dive into the details of this fully functional machine: interface, registration fees, functionalities, etc. How does IQ Option work?

Now, let’s dive into the details of this fully functional machine: interface, registration fees, functionalities, etc. How does IQ Option work?

The IQ Option platform

All users of the IQ Option platform agree on the high liquidity and responsiveness of the proposed online trading platform available through investments. IQ Option is called a market maker. In other words, it completely reproduces the reality of the stock market. Traders will not actually buy financial instruments on the interface. They only speculate on the rise and fall of prices. The performance achieved by this interface is largely due to the basic software support MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 used by the most reliable Internet brokers. They are very intuitive, can provide unparalleled responses to market updates and also provide very advanced analysis tools that simplify decision making.

Open an account on IQ Option

IQ Option is proud of its FinTech method, which provides a 100% digital recording. You can fill out the website form by entering the required personal data (name, contact email address, phone number) or by logging into the IQ Option customer account via Facebook or Google. A confirmation code will be sent to the phone number provided. It must be embedded in the required space.

Once this step is complete, users can choose: IQ Option Demo Account, to access most of the features and financial products of the IQ Online Currency Platform, in order to perform risk-free training options in online trading. Real, you must send supporting documents (ID, address) for verification and use the deposit as initial capital.

IQ Option Forex trading offers

IQ Option Forex is particularly attractive because it provides a variety of stock market tools that are traded in different markets around the world:

  • CFDs on equities, as nearly 7500 international companies listed on the stock exchange, some of which are the most popular nurseries is listed on the Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange
  • 14 most popular cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple. Brokers offer favorable terms for such investments
  • 188 very active international currency pairs. For example, the ETF EUR / USD and EUR / GBP covers 14 types of commodities (gold, oil, gas, etc.), stock indices and baskets of assets. There are nearly 4,300 ETFs.

In total, more than 10 million options are available for trading. The continued release of large amounts of data through the stock market to break out the right IQ Option prompts can represent a huge profit opportunity.

Many financial instruments are subject to leverage practices. IQ Option increases its trading capacity by lending a certain amount of funds to investors, which is equivalent to opening larger positions. For example, the currency increased by 30. If the order wins, the profit is multiplied by 30. If the order fails, the loss is subject to the same mechanism. It should be noted that IQ Option increases the security of trading accounts by preventing the transition to negative balances.

What about brokerage fees? Another point of online trading brokers. Its pricing policy is one of the most appreciated by retailers. Beginners see it as an opportunity to secure financial transactions with limited risks. Experts have found that the opportunity to increase profits with limited experience (depending on the transaction) is very rare. The main fees for IQ Option are as follows:

  • fixed fees (commissions or spreads) for most financial instruments: currency, bitcoin, commodities,
  • index and CFD management fees, exchange rates for inbound and outbound transactions (about 3%),
  • for any inactive account older than 90 days, an inactive monthly fee of 10 Euro will be charged.

Making a deposit

Customers depositing IQ Option can use various payment methods to make the deposit:

  • bank transfer
  • e-wallet or e-wallet delivery : Skrill, WebMoney, Neteller
  • credit card / Mastercard
  • depending on the country of origin: Sofort and Klarna

The minimum deposit is set at $10, free and instant. The platform accepts different currencies.

Making a withdrawal

The broker has again set itself apart from its competitors by offering $2 withdrawals as soon as the account has a positive balance. The fixed fee for withdrawals by wire transfer is $31. You can withdraw funds via the above payment methods. Our IQ Reminder Option – Choose e-wallet withdrawal. The processing time is very short (up to 24 hours) and the cost is very low.

IQ Option’s Customer Service. 

Since the launch of the platform, feedback on the broker’s customer service in general has been very positive. Most important is the professionalism and active listening of the investment consultants. All of them are experts in investment techniques and stock market financing.

Telephone customer support is provided in three languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish, which cover a large part of the broker’s customer base. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are many ways to contact IQ Customer Support Option:

  • the live chat
  • startup ticket in the “contact number” section
  • and a number is assigned to each language spoken

The broker shows surprising activity: after chatting, each new support request takes 46 seconds ; Ticket processing takes up to 24 minutes.

If you are a customer with a VIP account, then you will have a personalized manager who can reduce the waiting time according to your request.

Advantages of Broker IQ Option 

With a powerful platform, an impeccable customer service and competitive brokerage fees, IQ Option also offers many unique and impressive advantages. This is our recommendation of IQ Option.

The automated trading robot on the Iq Bot

It is the result of the best engineering technology applied to the stock market and powerful artificial intelligence. Simply download the IQ Option Bot from the website. After strictly formulating an investment strategy, IQ Bot will make profitable financial transactions and investments for its balance sheet. And to start the bot business, at least $100 of the initial funds must be deposited. All observers and analysts agree that the initial bet will soon be filled with the profits generated. The return on investment is about 80%.

Types of accounts 

IQ Demo option account offers the possibility of testing the online trading platform free of charge with almost no financial loss. Beside, there are 2 real currency accounts: 

  • regular accounts, which can access 70 assets after support confirmation, the minimum deposit is 10 US dollars and the opening position is 1 US dollar. For beginners and conservative traders this is the ideal choice. All functions are available, including parameters for executing “Take Profit” and “Stop Loss” commands
  • VIP account, i.e. Pro IQ Option account. The minimum funding is $3,000. Full access to all financial instruments and tools. Personalized managers will take care of VIP customers. Withdrawals will be processed within hours and detailed activity reports will be provided monthly to track performance.

Depending on the type of merchant account chosen, it is easier to diversify the asset portfolio. Moreover, profit control allows you to customize trading strategies to further maintain your profits.

The training

Because of the support and training provided to investors at all levels, IQ Option training is highly valued. Beginners and professionals alike can find important information about the issues they face in the career of Internet marketing professionals. They can learn how to trade step by step.

Beginners can practice without stress on the demo account, which is good practice in real-life situations.

These problems solve various general problems related to Internet trading and platform functions.

IQ Option‘s consultants and analysts regularly publish professional articles to solve all problems related to stock market investments.

The blog allows you to keep abreast of the latest stock market news and major events that may affect trends. It contains analysis, interpretation and strategy.

IQ Option mobile version

The powerful IQ option version, such a comprehensive and technologically advanced agent program, is inseparable from the mobile version. IQ Option has developed programs that can be downloaded from Android and Apple Store, which use all the features of the browser version to integrate them into smartphones or tablets without loss of speed or usefulness.

The IQ Option cell phone is one of the most successful cell phones on the market. The fully responsive design with no screen or speed issues is a shame. With a few trendy letters, from your portfolio to the customer area without any problems.

Offer the pleasure of trading your assets anytime, anywhere. Check your investment at any time.

Conclusion: What do we think of IQ Option?

What conclusions can we draw from the online broker IQ Option? Do online trading platforms really do the same? Many indicators point in this direction. Throughout the review process, we present the broker’s main technical, market and financial qualities.

We can only agree with many satisfied users and professional analysts. Low prices, the use of the main trading tools (forex, crypto-currency, CFD), high quality tools, automated trading robots and efficient customer service make IQ Option an advantage in the preferences of traders, beginners and expert traders. It’s easy to understand how it established itself in different European countries and why its market conquest can take a long time. By offering reasonable, experienced and profitable offers, the broker has proven that they all have the potential to make long-term profits and consolidate profits over time. The right tool in the right hand at the right time.

The bottom line is the same: IQ Option goes beyond recommendations.

IQ Option is a multi-value platform providing equity and crypto-money investments and CFD trading activities.

Please note that CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Cryptocurrency is a volatile instrument that can fluctuate significantly over a short period of time, so it is not suitable for all investors. With the exception of CFDs, trading in crypto-money is not regulated and is therefore not subject to any EU regulatory framework.