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Our opinion on eToro

eToro has made a name for itself with its social trading platform, an innovative tool that allows users to copy trades from other investors.
Today, this online broker offers more than 6 million users in more than 152 countries around the world the opportunity to trade and invest online in a simple, transparent and enjoyable way, with thousands of new accounts created every day.

eToro is a multi-value platform providing equity and crypto-currency investment and CFD trading activities.

eToro describes itself as the world’s largest Social Trading platform network. They were first launched in 2006 and have now become the world’s largest social trading network with a community of 6 million users.

The support that eToro provides to customers is crucial. In this way, customers can benefit from the support of this powerful community. The community supports settings in the form of forums and real-time chat so that merchants can share their ideas with other online merchants. To connect with top traders, eToro has created a social network of traders based on their performance and personal profile history.

eToro is committed to providing unique and beneficial trading experiences for businesses around the world. The eToro platform offers benefits for a variety of businesses. The platform offers unlimited opportunities to connect with other businesses that target our personal financial goals.

What eToro offers

eToro is not only the largest investment network in the world, we will now provide you with information on the various services provided by this broker.

Various financial products

A wide range of trading assets, including equities, CFDs, currencies, commodities, portfolios, metals, crypto-currencies, etc.

Track and copy the best traders with social trading

Perhaps the most exclusive feature is “social trading”. This allows you to copy other users and clearly display your trading history, including the income they have earned or lost over a given period of time. If you find someone you care about, you can automatically copy their positions.

Every eToro customer has the opportunity to learn more about the performance and file history of the best traders in the network and copy their trades. This makes it easy to choose and learn from the best.

Another great advantage is the “Investidor Popular” program. This rewards users according to the number of copiers they have in the form of a monthly commission.

Copy Trading is another good option for eToro. This is the option mentioned above to copy the merchant of your choice. If traders have low risk scores and stable returns, they have a chance to become popular investors. Then they are paid to share their opinions. By taking advantage of CopyTrading and copying investors who include crypto-currencies in your portfolio, you can expose yourself to this market without having to explore much.

Mobile trading platform

eToro offers many programmes to help us stay in touch with the financial markets anytime, anywhere. Manage your investment portfolio, receive trading signals and trade anytime, anywhere.

Easy to use trading platform

Simplicity is the key to effective social trading platforms. the broker prides itself on maintaining a certain level of clarity on its platform. As a result, they have developed a flexible trading platform that can enter the financial market quickly and freely. The broker caters for all levels of trading experience. This is why the eToro trading platform has been voted on by over 11 million traders.

eToro’s webtrader platform

eToro WebTrader: This is one of the clearest, most flexible and interesting online trading platforms you can find.

eToro – The world’s most popular social trading network, allowing you to view, track and copy the trades of any selected trader on the eToro platform for free.

eToro Fees

About the shares: eToro is a free commission for the purchase of shares without leverage. If you buy shares in eToro, there is no commission. If you wish to sell short or use leverage, you must pay. This table contains more detailed information on how this agent works.

In addition to the stock market, eToro mainly provides us with Contracts for Difference (CFDs), which is an enhanced asset. These activities require two types of fees:
– Dispersion (the difference between buying and selling prices) which varies depending on the product and the market trend.
– Concerning the position time, this is the night charge during the validity period of the order.

Learn to trade and practice for free

eToro offers in-depth training for new customers and a hands-on introduction to business principles. New traders can face challenges or earn bonuses by sharing strategies with other traders.

eToro’s customer service

Every new eToro customer can sign up for an exclusive plan and receive excellent, personalized service. The eToro team is always ready to solve all your needs and problems. You can also get CBN news and reports from its experienced market analysis team. CFD and Forex brokers are committed to providing the best service and customer satisfaction.

Is eToro a reliable broker?

To reassure users, the broker takes steps to ensure security. The entire company is fully regulated and complies with FCA and CySEC guidelines. To help merchants make responsible decisions, it provides a variety of tools for all levels of experience, such as start-up and risk management recommendations. eToro also takes precautions to ensure the security of customers’ financial and personal information. Traditional funds from European Tier 1 banks are always safe.

Conclusion: What we think of eToro

eToro is not just about social trading, it’s also a reliable and versatile platform for traders and investors of all levels. The lack of supported crypto-currencies has been reduced to the most popular. However, all the important assets you are most likely to invest in will be guaranteed. Other features give you an edge. The platform is also very intuitive and will appeal to most people. Although eToro is not ideal if you want to trade less popular crypto-currencies, it is a good option for those who only care about the major currencies or who want to use the same platform to trade currencies, stocks, etc. Many other activities.

eToro is a multi-value platform providing equity and crypto-money investments and CFD trading activities.

Please note that CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 75% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Cryptocurrency is a volatile instrument that can fluctuate significantly over a short period of time, so it is not suitable for all investors. With the exception of CFDs, trading in crypto-money is not regulated and is therefore not subject to any EU regulatory framework.