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Our opinion on Easy Markets

Due to the many features EasyMarkets offers customers and the ease of use of its trading platform, it has become a popular online CFD brokerage platform. No matter which trading platform you prefer, EasyMarkets can support everyone.

AvaTrade primarily seeks to attract all types of traders, regardless of their level of experience. Also, to meet the needs of these different traders, it provides different trading platforms with different functions, which can define more or less complex strategies.

Features of the platform

Therefore, AvaTrade’s main trading product is the AvaTrader platform, which is an online platform. In a sense, it can only be viewed online without downloading. Due to its ease of use, the trading platform is specifically designed for new traders. Of course, despite its ease of use, the AvaTrader platform still provides all the features you need for high quality trading. Including real-time and customizable charts and market analysis.

Among other technical solutions offered by AvaTrade, there is a powerful tool that helps traders make trading easier and faster. It’s called Avajava.

Finally, the broker AvaTrade is also one of the brokers that provides its clients with a high quality downloadable Metatrader trading platform. Which surely provides the best tools and functionalities in the market. However, it is aimed at more experienced traders as it is fully customizable and therefore allows complex strategies with large investments. In addition to many advanced charting tools and classic functions that can also be found on other platforms, Metatrader also provides instant execution of orders and allows those who wish to set up automated trading by defining many variables.

Among the functions provided by AvaTrade, there is also a social trading function called MirrorTrader. Of course, this is a tool that allows you to simply copy other traders’ strategies to automatically replicate those positions without making any further trades.

Of course, in addition to the classic trading platforms with or without download functions, AvaTrade also offers customers mobile versions of the AvaTrade and Metatrader platforms, which can find all these functions on phones and tablets with appropriate charts and navigation functions.

Finally, and always related to the most outstanding technical aspects of AvaTrade brokerage, we can also discuss the possibility of opening appropriate accounts for traders with very high trading volumes. Therefore, there are several types of high quality accounts for Silver, Gold, Platinum and Ava Select accounts, which offer certain advantages, such as cash withdrawals in a short period of time or the availability of experienced account managers. Merchants who open this type of account level can also use the daily economic calendar, real-time trading room and VIP gifts and special offers.

Assets provided by AvaTrade

Not without reason, AvaTrade is so popular with retailers and this success may be due in large part to the diversity of resources offered. In fact, with your account, you will have access to over 200 different financial instruments. AvaTrade allows you to trade more than 60 currency pairs, French, European and international equities, commodities such as precious metals, energy or agricultural commodities, international stock market indices and even government bonds.

In addition to various assets that can also be found on other trading platforms in the market, AvaTrade also allows you to trade with more original assets, such as crypto-currencies. You will be able to guess the price of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum or Ripple online. From their increasingly infamous viewpoint, and therefore from the point of view of the revenue opportunities they represent, these assets are particularly sought after by merchants.

With such a selection of stocks from various financial markets, AvaTrade offers you an infinite portfolio of combinations to diversify your investment as much as possible, increasing your chances of winning trades.

AvaTrade Platform Security

AvaTrade is also recognized for its high level of security. As a result, the broker is recognized as one of the most serious brokers. Its head office is in Ireland, so AvaTrade is registered with the Central Bank of Ireland. But that’s not all! The broker is also under the supervision of MiFID, which monitors its activities and requires compliance with strict regulations on all operations and transactions carried out within the European Economic Community.

French investors can also be insured through this broker, which is also regulated by the Banque de France. In addition, the broker AvaTrade has its own office in France, located on the Champs Elysées.

Thanks to the supervision of these reputable financial institutions, AvaTrade is a reliable broker and can certainly reassure traders. Moreover, the broker has never made any attacks or complaints against its clients or these competition authorities.

Therefore, by opening a trading account on AvaTrade, you can be sure to get the best protection against hackers caused by the high quality encryption of sensitive data and the reliability of many tools that protect online financial transactions. Reliable. AvaTrade has always been committed to protecting the identity of its corporate clients, their personal data and their corporate financial situation to prevent any attempt at theft or abuse.

AvaTrade Technical Specifications and Benefits

Among the key benefits and features that make AvaTrade an excellent broker, we especially noticed the fact that several mobile trading applications can be used and downloaded on Android and iOS.

By providing various training tools (such as e-books, websites or videos) and truly comprehensive and well-designed training, the support of inexperienced traders is also an advantage.

Finally, don’t forget that AvaTrade focuses on the unlimited trading experience of the most experienced investors with specific premium accounts and high quality trading platforms.

Accessible customer service

For AvaTrade‘s customer service and technical support, only its quality can be emphasized. Indeed, this support can be provided in a fixed number of more than 10 different languages (including French) 10 days a week and 24 hours a day at no extra charge. Of course, you can also contact them by e-mail. AvaTrade’s client management team consists of professional consultants, who can of course answer all your questions quickly and efficiently. We are also very happy that there is a chat function in this company, which allows you to chat online with your consultant at any time.


AvaTrade is a very interesting trader, for who pays attention to it and uses it every day. There are a number of good reasons for this review, so we have very good opinions about it. Its high reliability, variety of resources and limited cost make this broker very attractive to both beginners and experts.

AvaTrade is a multi-value platform providing equity and crypto-money investments and CFD trading activities.

Please note that CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 79% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Cryptocurrency is a volatile instrument that can fluctuate significantly over a short period of time, so it is not suitable for all investors. With the exception of CFDs, trading in crypto-money is not regulated and is therefore not subject to any EU regulatory framework.